The Partnership for Florida’s Tourism began in 2006 as a grassroots coalition designed to raise awareness of the importance of tourism and increase public funding of tourism marketing. Key stakeholders in the tourism industry have joined in this effort. The Partnership consists of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, Florida Attractions Association, Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, Destinations Florida and VISIT FLORIDA.


VISIT FLORIDA is invaluable to our state’s economy and its taxpayers. Right now, VISIT FLORIDA is only authorized to exist until July 2020; however, bills have been filed in both the House and Senate to reauthorize VISIT FLORIDA for an additional eight years – SB 362 by Senator Ed Hooper and HB 213 by Representative Mel Ponder.
If the Legislature does not affirmatively pass legislation this session to reauthorize VISIT FLORIDA, the organization will cease to exist and Florida’s tourism industry will go silent on the national and international stage. Florida’s tourism community needs to speak up and let the Florida Legislature know that ending VISIT FLORIDA is not a risk worth taking.
The Legislature’s own economists have determined for every dollar invested in VISIT FLORIDA, $2.15 is returned to Florida taxpayers. VISIT FLORIDA needs level, recurring funding for years to come so the organization can continue to focus on leveraging private sector investment to attract more visitors to our great state. 
The Partnership for Florida’s Tourism is the champion of Florida’s tourism industry. Therefore, we have compiled several resources designed to provide you the necessary tools to get involved in the political process. By becoming an active participant with the Partnership for Florida’s Tourism, you can help strengthen the influence tourism marketing has with our elected officials.


Click the map below to discover the importance of tourism to Florida’s various regions.

Click below to discover the importance of tourism to Florida’s various regions.



Hear Tourism Works for Florida success stories directly from key tourism stakeholders in videos below.



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